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December 16, 2019

Best Austin Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

You’ve just secured a job in Austin, Texas. You’re excited about the move, but are a little apprehensive about choosing the best neighborhood for your home or apartment. 

Fortunately, Austin has a number of neighborhoods that cater to young professionals:


We’ll start our list with Zilker, a high‑priced and luxurious neighborhood that borders Zilker Metropolitan Park. In close proximity to downtown and the Colorado River, it allows for quick commutes to most parts of the city. 

There are tons of things to do when living in the Zilker neighborhood. Regardless of your interests, it’s almost sure to accommodate you.

Thanks to its proximity to the Ann & Roy Butler Hike & Bike Trail, it’s a runner, walker, and biker haven. Get home from work, throw on your workout clothes, and get your blood pumping. 

Like movies? You can spend some time at the iconic Alamo Drafthouse. It shows modern movies, classics, and everything in between. 

Hoping to have a drink or two? There are bars aplenty, all of which are frequented by young professionals like yourself. 

Put simply, Zilker has it all. Whether you’re a partying‑type, a workout fiend, or an outdoors enthusiast, you’ll love living in this neighborhood. 

Old West Austin 

Looking to mix suburban with urban? If so, you should head to Old West Austin. Located around 10 minutes from downtown, it combines a suburban feel with urban amenities. 

Old West Austin provides a great deal of green space, allowing you to adventure, exercise, and walk your dog with ease. Some of its most popular parks include Hartford Park, Pease District Park, and the Bailey Neighborhood Park. It’s also home to the Shoal Creek Greenbelt. 

There’s no shortage of restaurants and bars in the Old West Austin neighborhood. Whether you’re into the sports scene, the music scene, the art scene, or otherwise, there will be a spot for you. 

One of the more unique attractions in Old West Austin is the HOPE Outdoor Gallery. Home to a bevy of murals and art exhibits, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon. 

If you’re looking to buy a luxurious house with a decent spread of land, Old West Austin is probably your best option within the immediate vicinity to downtown. 

South Lamar 

South Lamar has seen a great deal of growth over the last few years and is now a popular home to many of Austin’s young professionals. The reason for South Lamar’s popularity? Its businesses, its green spaces, its safety, and its proximity to the downtown area. 

In South Lamar, you can take a walk on the Barton Creek Greenbelt, grab gourmet coffee from a local shop, listen to live music in a bevy of bars and participate in a variety of other fun activities. And with its close proximity to the downtown area, you’ll never be too far away from what’s happening. 

Quite a bit cheaper than Zilker and Old West Austin, South Lamar is a solid option for both single young professionals and young families. 

Wells Branch 

If you’re looking for a suburban area with an urban feel, you might consider moving to Wells Branch. Though it’s located north of the city center, it’s still in close proximity to a bevy of businesses, shops, and grocery stores. Some of these include Dell, Samsung, Apple, NXP Semiconductors, National Instruments, HEB, and the Domain shopping center. 

Wells Branch offers a number of restaurants, bars, and parks as well, allowing for a great deal of recreation. Located in close proximity to the metro rail, it allows for quick and convenient trips to the downtown area. 


Traffic in Austin can get pretty bad. The best way to deal with it is to just avoid it altogether. If you work somewhere within the city proper, this can best be accomplished by living Downtown. 

The downtown area is within close proximity to everything, including Zilker Park, the government buildings, the University of Austin, and more. As such, it allows you to get to essentially anywhere in the city with speed and convenience. 

While there are homes and condos for sale in the downtown area, the vast majority of its residents rent apartments. Note, regardless of whether you rent or buy, you’re going to be spending more money than you would in most other parts of the city. 

Bouldin Creek 

If you’re looking for a mix of suburban and urban characteristics, you might consider living in Bouldin Creek. While it’s located adjacent to the Zilker and Downtown neighborhoods, it’s highly characterized by its houses and tranquil atmosphere. 

Bouldin Creek offers a range of bars, restaurants, and shops. Quirky in nature, it’s even home to a Stevie Ray Vaughan memorial. 

The most popular park in Bouldin Creek is Auditorium Shores, a park located on the banks of Ladybird Lake. This park contains a portion of the Butler Trail, connecting it by foot to many other prestigious areas of the city. 

Comparatively speaking, Bouldin Creek is actually much cheaper than its surrounding neighborhoods. That said, it’s still quite expensive, regardless of whether you’re renting or buying. 

North University 

If you’re still looking for a bit of that college vibe, you should consider living in North University. Centered around the University of Texas at Austin, it’s home to a bevy of undergrads, post‑grads, and young professionals. 

North University is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Austin. Not only does it provide a range of eclectic bars and restaurants but a number of small shops as well. 

Though it’s a bit of a walk to the downtown area, North University offers tons of public transit opportunities. The bus runs through on a regular basis. 

The best thing about the North University neighborhood? It’s cheaper than most other Austin neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy an old house, it will allow you to do so on a (relative) budget. 

Hoping to keep that youthful spirit alive? North University is just the place to be. 


Located on the south side of Austin, Galindo offers a more suburban feel than many other parts of the city. Bordering South Lamar and Bouldin Creek, it offers affordability that you won’t find in many other areas of Austin. 

While it contains its own bars and restaurants, it’s sought after primarily for its proximity to other prestigious neighborhoods. Residing in Galindo allows you to live a quiet life during the weekdays while living an exciting life during the weekends. 

If you’re looking to live in a cheap but safe neighborhood that’s never too far away from the fun, Galindo might be just the place for you. It’s a great location for young professionals who are just out of college as well as for young families. 


Looking to stay away from the hustle and bustle of downtown? If so, you might consider living in Cherrywood. Located in East Austin, it’s a little quieter than the other neighborhoods on this list. 

That said, Cherrywood still has quite a bit to offer. Not only does it contain its fair share of bars and restaurants, but parks as well. Patterson Neighborhood Park is particularly popular, offering a swimming pool, walking trails, a skate ramp, and much, much more. 

Cherrywood is a great place to buy a home, in particular. Offering a wide range of bungalows, condos, and ranch houses, its real estate prices are high but still affordable. 

Renting in Cherrywood is fairly expensive. Nonetheless, if you enjoy its quiet and laid‑back atmosphere, it might be a good option for you. 

Hyde Park  

Located just north of the North University neighborhood, Hyde Park offers a mix of undergrads, post‑grads, and young professionals. Quieter than North University, it’s characterized by classic bungalows and Victorian‑era homes. 

Hyde Park possesses a great deal of tree cover. As such, it remains fairly cool underneath the sweltering Texas sun. Offering ample public transit opportunities, it’s just miles from downtown. 

If you’re looking for quiet weekdays and boisterous weekends, Hyde Park might just be the place for you. Note, though, that unlike North University, it can get pretty expensive. 


Another great neighborhood located within close proximity to the University of Texas is Brentwood. Just north of Hyde Park, it offers a solid mixture of urban landscapes and greenspace. 

The centerpiece of Brentwood is Brentwood Park. Consisting of tennis courts, soccer fields, and baseball diamonds, it’s a great place at which to congregate and have some fun on the weekends. 

Atmospherically speaking, Brentwood is pretty laid‑back. Home to a number of shops and coffee houses, it attracts a seismic post‑grad and young professional crowd. 

The best thing about Brentwood? It’s still fairly cheap. Whether you’re renting or buying, you can find a decent real estate deal in this neighborhood. 

Live in One of the Best Austin Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

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